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1xBet and Melbet are giants in the world of sports betting. Today, we're going to do a comprehensive comparison of these two platforms so you can decide which one to choose. You will learn about the features of their mobile apps, the variety of sports available or how their deposit and withdrawal methods relate to each other. We will look at all these aspects, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make an informed decision. By the end of this review, you'll have a clearer idea of which platform - 1xBet or Melbet - best suits your betting preferences, and you'll have the opportunity to receive a 100% first deposit bonus of up to MYR 500 and a welcome package of up to MYR 6,800 + 150 free spins.
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In the dynamic realm of online sports betting, the comparison between 1xBet and Melbet emerges as a topic of keen interest among Malaysian players. Both platforms have carved their niches, offering a wide array of betting options across numerous sports, alongside innovative features like live streaming and diverse payment methods. This comparison seeks to shed light on their unique strengths and areas for improvement, guiding both novice and seasoned gamblers in making informed decisions. As we delve into the nuances of these betting giants, our focus remains on providing a comprehensive analysis, rooted in the distinct experiences and offerings of 1xBet versus Melbet.

Comparison of Malaysian 1xBet and Melbet Online Casinos

Comparative Analysis: 1xBet vs. Melbet

In our commitment to providing unparalleled online betting experiences, we’ve conducted a thorough comparison between 1xBet and Melbet, focusing on key aspects that matter most to our users. Both brands are licensed under the Curacao authority, ensuring a secure betting environment. While 1xBet operates under ACOM Latin America N.V. with license No. 1668/JAZ, Melbet is powered by Alenesro Ltd, holding license No. 8048/JAZ2020-060.

We pride ourselves on our diverse language support, offering services in multiple languages including Hindi, English, Russian, and Spanish, to name a few, ensuring accessibility for a global audience. Our platform is designed with versatility in mind, available across official websites, mobile site versions, and dedicated apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Our payment methods are tailored to cater to a wide range of preferences, including UPI, Skrill, Neteller, and cryptocurrencies, making deposits and withdrawals seamless for our users. The minimum deposit amount at 1xBet stands at INR 100, ensuring affordability.

At 1xBet, we offer an extensive selection of sports, live betting options, and access to live streaming, enriching the betting experience. Our eSports, virtual sports, live casino, and poker offerings are meticulously curated to meet the varied interests of our players. Moreover, new users are greeted with a welcome bonus of 100% up to INR 10,000, highlighting our commitment to providing value from the very start.

LicenseCuracao license No. 1668/JAZCuracao License No. 8048/JAZ2020-060
OwnerACOM Latin America N.V.Alenesro Ltd
Age Restriction18+18+
Available LanguagesHindi, English, Azeri, Russian, Spanish, etc.Hindi, Bulgarian, Portuguese, English, etc.
SoftwareWebsite, Mobile Site, App for Android, iOS, WindowsWebsite, Mobile Site, App for Android and iOS
Available CountriesIndia, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Turkey, etc.India, Argentina, Moldova, Albania, etc.
Payment MethodsUPI, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfers, etc.Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, Crypto, UPI, etc.
CurrencyINR, USD, EUR, BRL, CAD, etc.INR, NOK, USD, EUR, ADA, AMD, etc.
Minimum DepositINR 100INR 55
Customer ServiceLive Chat, Email, Phone, Social MediaLive Chat, Email, Phone, Social Media
Offered SportsSoccer, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, etc.Cricket, Football, Cycling, UFC, Tennis, etc.
Live BettingYesYes
Live StreamingYesYes
Live CasinoYesYes
Welcome Bonus100% up to INR 10,000100% up to INR 8,000

This comparison underscores our dedication to excellence and innovation, setting 1xBet apart as a leading choice for online betting enthusiasts.

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Welcome Bonuses Compared: 1xBet and Melbet

Melbet Sport vs. Melbet Casino vs. 1xBet Sports vs. 1xBet Casino Comparison:

CriteriaMelbet SportMelbet Casino1xBet Sports1xBet Casino
Bonus Size100% up to INR 8,000Up to INR 145,000 + 290 Free Spins100% up to INR 10,000Up to INR 120,000 + 150 Free Spins
Minimum DepositINR 150INR 800INR 75INR 1,000
Wagering Requirement5x in express bets, min. 3 events, odds ≥ 1.4040x of the bonus size5x in express bets, min. 3 events, odds ≥ 1.4035x of the bonus size
TermsFirst DepositFirst DepositFirst DepositFirst Deposit
Validity Period30 days after registration7 days after activation30 days after signing up7 days after activation

In this comparative analysis, we find that 1xBet sports betting offers a higher bonus with a lower minimum deposit compared to Melbet, making it an enticing option for new users. While both platforms offer competitive welcome bonuses for casino games, Melbet provides a larger bonus amount, but 1xBet counters with lower wagering requirements, making the bonuses more accessible and potentially more valuable depending on player preferences. This detailed breakdown aims to assist Malaysian players in making an informed decision, ensuring they find the platform that best suits their betting style and preferences.

Payment Options Review: 1xBet vs. Melbet

In the competitive realm of online betting, having diverse and efficient payment options is crucial for user satisfaction. Below, we compare the payment methods offered by 1xBet and Melbet, focusing on the variety of options, minimum and maximum transaction amounts, and the speed of processing, all without any commission fees.

Min/Max Deposit AmountINR 100 / INR 70,000INR 55 / INR 65,000
Min/Max Withdrawal AmountINR 100 / INR 90,000INR 105 / No limit
Payment MethodsPhonePe, PayTM, UPI, Google Pay, ecoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrencies, NetBanking, IMPS, BHIM, MobiKwikUPI, Credit Cards, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfers, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies
Commission FeeFreeFree
Replenishment TimeFrom 15 minutes to 1 hourInstantly

Both 1xBet and Melbet offer a wide range of payment methods catering to the needs of various users, from traditional banking methods to modern e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. 1xBet stands out for its slightly broader selection, including popular Indian payment solutions like PhonePe, PayTM, and Google Pay, which may appeal to a larger segment of users. Additionally, 1xBet offers a higher maximum withdrawal limit, providing an edge for high rollers.

Both platforms ensure a seamless transaction experience, but 1xBet slightly edges out with its diverse offerings and higher withdrawal limits, making it a preferable choice for users prioritizing convenience and higher transaction thresholds.

Comparison of payment methods at 1xBet and Melbet Casinos in Malaysia

Support Services for Malaysian Customers: 1xBet vs. Melbet

Customer Support Comparison:

Live Chat AvailabilityAvailable on any page of the websiteAvailable on any site page
General Questions Email[email protected][email protected]
Technical Support Email[email protected]
Security Service Email[email protected][email protected]
Public Relations Email[email protected][email protected]
Partnership Issues Email[email protected], [email protected][email protected]
Finance Department Email[email protected]
Chief Information Security Officer[email protected]
Privacy Policy Officer[email protected]
Contact FormAvailable in the Contact SectionMessaging Form in the Contact Section
Phone Support+44 127 325-69-87+442038077601

1xBet and Melbet both provide comprehensive support services to Malaysian customers, featuring multiple channels like live chat, email, and phone support. 1xBet showcases a broader range of specific email addresses for various concerns, indicating a more segmented approach to customer service. This may enhance the efficiency and relevance of responses provided to users’ inquiries.

Both platforms offer live chat on any page, ensuring immediate assistance is always at hand. However, 1xBet extends its support with dedicated emails for privacy and information security concerns, highlighting a strong commitment to user data safety and transparency.

While Melbet maintains a solid foundation for customer support, 1xBet’s extensive and specialized service channels offer a more tailored and accessible support experience for Malaysian players, potentially making it a more attractive option for users seeking reliable and user-friendly assistance.

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Registration Process Overview: 1xBet vs. Melbet

For Malaysian players considering joining the exciting world of online betting, understanding the registration process is a crucial step. Both 1xBet and Melbet simplify the entry into their platforms by offering a user-friendly registration process that accommodates various preferences. Here’s a closer look at how these two giants compare when it comes to signing up.

Registration Methods Offered:

  • In One Click: Allows for a speedy registration where you can set up an account instantly with minimal information required.
  • By Phone Number: Utilize your mobile number to create an account, ensuring a secure way to log in and manage your betting activities.
  • By Email Address: A more traditional method, registering via email allows for a comprehensive setup, including setting a password and choosing your currency.
  • Through Social Networks: Link your social media accounts for a quick registration process, making it easier to access the platform without creating new login details.

Both platforms also provide the option to enter a promo code during registration, offering benefits for players from India. This aspect of inclusivity and flexibility in the registration process ensures that there’s no clear winner between 1xBet and Melbet, as both cater efficiently to user needs. This parity in registration options highlights their commitment to offering a welcoming and accessible environment for all players.

Evaluating Mobile Applications: 1xBet vs. Melbet

In the modern era of betting, mobile applications have become a crucial aspect of the user experience, offering the convenience of betting on the go. A comparative analysis of the mobile apps for 1xBet and Melbet reveals their respective strengths and areas of enhancement in terms of accessibility, usability, and overall performance.

Mobile Application Comparison:

Feature1xBet AppMelbet App
Where to DownloadOfficial WebsiteOfficial Website
Supported Operating SystemsAndroid, iOS, and WindowsAndroid and iOS
Available LanguagesHindi, English, Albanian, Arabic, Danish, Malaysian, French, Italian, Dutch, etc.English
Android APK Size80 MB22 MB
iOS App Size220.2 MB38.2 MB
Customer ServiceLive ChatLive Chat
Push NotificationsYesYes
Auto-Update FeatureYesYes

Both 1xBet and Melbet provide free, easily downloadable mobile applications through their official websites, supporting the most popular operating systems. However, 1xBet distinguishes itself with a wider range of supported languages, catering to a more diverse global audience, and offering compatibility with Windows devices. While the Melbet app is significantly lighter in terms of download size, which could appeal to users with limited storage capacity.

If the choice hinges on the breadth of language support and device compatibility, the 1xBet app stands out. Conversely, for those prioritizing a lightweight app, Melbet offers a more streamlined alternative. Both apps deliver on essential features like live chat support, push notifications, and auto-updates, ensuring a satisfactory mobile betting experience.

Comparison of mobile applications from 1xBet and Melbet Casinos in Malaysia

Final Verdict: 1xBet versus Melbet

After meticulously analyzing both 1xBet and Melbet across various dimensions, from their array of betting markets and live betting capabilities to mobile application efficiency and customer support services, it’s evident that both platforms bring substantial value to the betting community. Each brand showcases distinct strengths; 1xBet excels with its comprehensive language support, extensive payment options, and a slightly superior welcome bonus, catering to a broader audience. Melbet, on the other hand, impresses with its user-friendly interface and streamlined mobile app, making it an attractive choice for users seeking simplicity and speed.

Given the close competition, the final choice hinges on individual preferences. For users valuing diversity in languages, payment methods, and a rich array of betting options, 1xBet stands out as the preferable choice. Conversely, Melbet’s appeal lies in its ease of use, especially for newcomers to online betting, and those prioritizing a lightweight, efficient mobile experience.

While both platforms offer robust features and excellent betting environments, 1xBet’s broader service range and inclusivity slightly edge over Melbet, making it the ideal choice for users seeking a comprehensive and globally accessible online betting experience.

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In our comprehensive comparison of 1xBet and Melbet, two leading sports betting brands, we’ve navigated through various aspects critical to Malaysian players, including welcome bonuses, payment options, customer support, registration processes, and mobile application usability. Each platform showcases unique strengths, with 1xBet offering a wide array of betting options, extensive language support, and versatile payment methods, positioning itself as a highly inclusive platform. Melbet counters with a user-friendly interface and streamlined mobile experience, appealing to those seeking ease and efficiency. 

Conclusively, the choice between 1xBet and Melbet depends on individual preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize a comprehensive betting environment or a simplified, efficient betting experience, both platforms stand ready to cater to your demands, ensuring a positive and rewarding online betting journey. This exploration aims to guide Malaysian players to a platform that best aligns with their betting preferences, contributing to a satisfying and engaging betting experience.

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Which platform offers a better welcome bonus, 1xBet or Melbet?

1xBet provides a slightly higher welcome bonus for sports betting enthusiasts, making it a preferable choice for users looking for more value upon their initial deposit.

Are there any differences in the mobile apps between 1xBet and Melbet?

Yes, the 1xBet app supports more languages and operating systems, including Windows, offering a broader reach. Melbet’s app is more lightweight, which might appeal to users with limited storage.

Which platform has more payment options available?

1xBet offers a wider variety of payment methods, including specific options popular in different regions, catering to a more global audience.

How does customer support compare between 1xBet and Melbet?

Both platforms provide robust customer support through live chat, email, and phone. However, 1xBet offers more specialized support channels, enhancing its service quality.

Is there a clear winner between 1xBet and Melbet?

The choice between 1xBet and Melbet depends on personal preferences. 1xBet excels with its extensive offerings and inclusivity, while Melbet is preferred for its simplicity and efficient mobile betting experience.

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