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This comprehensive article provides an in-depth comparison between the sports betting giants, 1xbet and 22bet, focusing on their licensing, welcome bonuses, website reliability, popularity factors, and unique betting benefits within the macro-context of online betting platforms. Discover which platform suits your needs and take advantage of offers like a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to 500 MYR and a welcome package up to 6800 MYR + 150 Free Spins.
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In the competitive landscape of online sports betting, 1xBet and 22bet emerge as prominent players, especially among Malaysian enthusiasts. This comparison delves into the nuances that set these brands apart, focusing on their services, betting options, and overall user experience. With a keen eye on their offerings, from live betting capabilities to the diversity of sports covered, this analysis aims to equip players with essential insights. Whether it’s 1xBet’s extensive market coverage or 22bet’s user-friendly interface, the distinction between these betting giants boils down to individual preferences and betting needs, offering a comprehensive guide for both beginners and seasoned bettors in Malaysia.

Comparison of 1xBet and 22Bet bookmakers and online Casino in Malaysia

1xbet vs. 22bet: A Comprehensive Sportsbook Review

In the realm of online gambling, 1xbet and 22bet stand out as global giants, offering an extensive range of gambling activities. Both platforms have turned into reputable brands, boasting over ten thousand casino games and a vast array of betting markets, even catering to niche sports categories. This abundance makes them highly attractive to users seeking variety and depth in their betting experience. However, the similarity in their offerings poses a challenge for users deciding between the two.

Diving into the sportsbook offerings of 1xbet vs. 22bet reveals that both platforms provide a rich selection of sports, betting markets, and live betting options. Each sportsbook is designed to cater to the needs of diverse bettors, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. 1xbet and 22bet are both equipped with user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a seamless betting experience across various devices, including robust mobile applications for iOS and Android users.

1xbet distinguishes itself with a slightly broader range of payment options and a comprehensive welcome bonus, enhancing the initial betting experience for new users. On the other hand, 22bet competes closely with its own set of advantages, including faster cashout times and dual licensing from Curacao and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which might appeal to users looking for additional regulatory assurances.

While both 1xbet and 22bet offer compelling sportsbook features, the choice between them might ultimately hinge on individual preferences such as payment methods, mobile app usability, and the importance of licensing credentials.

Are 22bet and 1xbet the Same Platform?

Despite the surface similarities that might lead some to question the relationship between 22bet and 1xbet, they are distinct entities operated by separate companies. This differentiation is crucial for users comparing 1xbet vs 22bet, as each caters to its audience with unique features and services. While both platforms share a user-friendly interface, extensive promotional offerings, and a wide range of betting markets, there are notable differences in their operations, target markets, and specific offerings.

1xbet is renowned for offering competitive odds, especially in niche markets, and a variety of unique promotions that appeal to a broad spectrum of bettors. On the other side, 22bet also presents competitive odds but places a stronger emphasis on delivering a comprehensive selection of betting options across numerous sports and events. Furthermore, when comparing live betting and streaming capabilities, 1xbet generally offers more extensive live streaming options, which enhances the in-play betting experience.

Although both platforms provide a wide array of payment methods and customer support options, the quality and availability of these services can vary by region. In conclusion, while 22bet and 1xbet may share some similarities, they operate as independent platforms, each with its own set of strengths tailored to meet the preferences of different bettor demographics.

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Comparing Betting Odds: 1xBet and 22Bet

When evaluating the betting odds offered by 1xBet and 22Bet, it’s crucial to consider how their odds stack up against industry standards and what that means for bettor returns, especially in live betting scenarios. Here’s an in-depth comparison:

Sport/Event1xBet Odds22Bet Odds
NFL TotalBelow AverageBelow Average
NBA TotalBelow AverageBelow Average
NHL TotalBelow AverageBelow Average
NCAAF MoneylineAverageAbove Average
NCAAB MoneylineAverageAverage
Soccer MoneylineAverageAverage
Overall Odds4.75

This table highlights the competitive edge 22Bet holds in NCAAF moneyline bets, offering above-average odds compared to 1xBet’s average. While both platforms offer comparable odds for most events, these differences can influence the decision-making process of bettors, particularly in live betting scenarios where odds fluctuate rapidly.

Mobile App Showdown: 1xbet vs. 22bet

The mobile betting experience is crucial for gamblers on the go. Comparing the mobile apps of 1xbet and 22bet, both offer robust platforms, but with distinct features and functionalities. Here’s how they stack up:

Sign-up Bonus100% first deposit bonus of up to 100$100% up to 100$
Payment Optionsboku, visa, scrill, ecopayz, sticpay, neteller, mastercard, jeton, bank wire, neosurf, bitcoin, ethereumvisa, scrill, ecopayz, sticpay, mastercard, apple pay, bank wire, google pay, bitcoin, paysafe
App Size387.9 MB354.4 MB

Both apps offer a 100% deposit bonus, making them equally attractive to new users. Payment options are extensive on both platforms, though 1xbet slightly edges out with additional methods. The 1xbet app is slightly larger in size, which could be a consideration for users with limited storage space. Functionality and ease of use are top-notch on both apps, with each offering mobile-exclusive bonuses to enhance the betting experience. While both apps provide a comprehensive mobile betting experience, the choice between them may come down to personal preference regarding payment options and app size.

Comparison of mobile applications from 1xBet and 22Bet in Malaysia

Range of Sports Available for Betting

The sports betting landscape is rich and varied at both 1xbet and 22bet, catering to fans of mainstream sports as well as those with more niche interests. Here’s a detailed look at the sports coverage offered by each platform:


Both 1xbet and 22bet offer an extensive selection of sports, ensuring bettors have access to a wide range of options from popular sports like soccer, basketball, and cricket to more niche offerings such as esports. The depth of markets available for each sport is equally impressive, with both platforms providing a comprehensive betting experience that includes everything from major leagues to lesser-known tournaments. Whether you’re a fan of the mainstream or the obscure, both 1xbet and 22bet have you covered.

Comparative Analysis of Deposit Methods: 1xbet and 22bet

Evaluating the deposit methods of 1xbet and 22bet reveals a spectrum of options catering to the diverse preferences of their user base. This analysis focuses on the variety, convenience, and efficiency of their financial transactions.

Deposit Method1xbet Processing Times22bet Processing Times
Skrill, ecoPayz, BPAY, Bank wire, Bitcoin, Yandex Money, WebMoney, BoletoInstant
Visa, Mastercard, Qiwi, WebMoney, Money, Skrill, B-Pay, Perfect Money, Epay, Vcreditos, Jeton, UnionPay, Scan, Dohone, Uzcard, Qiwi, AlfaPay, Bank24, CityPay, EasyPay, IBox, City24, MMPS, AstroPay Card, Neosurf, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, USD Coin, Tether, Token TRONInstant

Both platforms boast an impressive array of deposit methods, ensuring instant processing times across the board. 1xbet offers a distinctive mix including Skrill, ecoPayz, and cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, catering to a wide range of financial preferences and needs. 22bet, on the other hand, expands the spectrum with a broader selection, including Visa, Mastercard, and an extensive list of e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, ensuring their users have unparalleled access to convenient betting funds. While both platforms excel in providing diverse and efficient deposit solutions, 22bet’s extensive list slightly edges out, offering more versatility for global users. This comprehensive array of deposit methods underscores both platforms’ commitment to providing seamless and user-friendly betting experiences.

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Exploring Withdrawal Options: 22bet vs. 1xbet

Withdrawing your winnings is a critical aspect of the betting experience, and both 22bet and 1xbet offer a variety of options to cater to their users’ needs. Here’s a closer look at the withdrawal methods and policies on both platforms:

Withdrawal Method1xbet Casino Processing Times22bet Casino Processing Times
Skrill, ecoPayz, BPAY, Bank wire, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Local Indian Bank Transfer, PhonePe, Credit & Debit Cards, UPI, Paytm, Neteller1-7 banking days1-5 banking days
Visa, Mastercard, QIWI, WebMoney, Skrill, Jeton, Lifecell, Neteller, ecoPayz, Payeer, PrivatBank, AstroPay, Bank Sepa, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, USD Coin, Tether, TRON1-7 banking days1-5 banking days

Both platforms provide a wide range of withdrawal methods, including e-wallets, bank transfers, credit cards, and various cryptocurrencies, ensuring that users have access to the most convenient options. While 1xbet and 22bet both have competitive processing times, 22bet slightly edges out with a faster maximum processing time for withdrawals. User feedback generally indicates satisfaction with the withdrawal experience on both platforms, though individual experiences may vary based on the chosen method and user location. When considering withdrawal limits, policies, and processing times, both 1xbet and 22bet strive to accommodate their users efficiently, making them reliable choices for bettors.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Choosing Between 1xbet and 22bet

Deciding between 1xbet and 22bet for online betting involves considering various factors, including customer service, user experience, bonuses, and overall reputation. Here’s a balanced analysis of the pros and cons associated with each platform:

1xbetFinancial stability and reliability.Extensive sports and market coverage.Competitive odds and high-quality service.Customizable bets with BET CONSTRUCTOR.Option for a bet slip up to 50 events.Attractive welcome bonuses and promotions.Supports multiple currencies and payment methods.Wide country accessibility and language support.Alternative links for censored regions.24/7 professional customer service.Complex website navigation.Slow response to customer complaints.
22betGenerous sports bonus.Abundant betting options across sports.High odds, including for eSports and virtual sports.Diverse banking options, including cryptocurrency.Compatibility with all major platforms and devices.Higher betting margins on Tennis and American football, potentially leading to less competitive odds.Limited sport-specific bonuses after the signup offer.

This analysis shows that both 1xbet and 22bet offer compelling advantages for bettors, from extensive betting options to attractive odds and bonuses. However, each has its own set of drawbacks, such as 1xbet’s website complexity and 22bet’s higher betting margins on certain sports. Ultimately, the choice between 1xbet and 22bet will depend on individual preferences and priorities in terms of user experience, betting options, and value.

Comparison of bonuses and promotions from 1xBet and 22Bet in Malaysia

Final Verdict: 1xbet vs. 22bet Showdown

After a comprehensive analysis of 1xbet and 22bet, it’s clear that both platforms offer unique advantages that cater to different user preferences and needs. Here’s our final verdict to guide potential users:

  • For users prioritizing a wide range of betting markets and sports:</strong> Both platforms excel, but 1xbet takes a slight lead with its bet constructor feature and a more extensive selection of events.
  • For those valuing competitive odds:</strong> 1xbet and 22bet offer similar odds, but 22bet’s slightly faster withdrawal times might appeal to some users.
  • For users looking for ease of use and a user-friendly interface:</strong> 22bet offers a more streamlined experience, making it a great choice for beginners.
  • For bettors interested in bonuses and promotions:</strong> 1xbet has a slight edge with its diverse range of promotional offers and bonuses.
  • For customers focusing on customer service quality:</strong> Both platforms provide professional customer service, but 1xbet’s 24/7 support stands out.

Your choice between 1xbet and 22bet should align with your specific betting preferences and priorities. Both platforms have their strengths, making them excellent choices for online betting enthusiasts.

Which Will You Choose?

As we conclude our comparative review between 1xbet and 22bet, the decision now rests in your hands. Each platform has its unique strengths and weaknesses, with 1xbet offering a slightly higher rating and a more generous welcome bonus, while 22bet provides a slightly lower rating but with competitive features and a robust welcome bonus. Here’s a brief recap to aid your decision:

Rating9/10 ⭐8.5/10 ⭐
Welcome OfferMatching deposit bonus, up to $130Welcome bonus up to €122 for sports betting
Payment Methods1210
LanguagesEnglishEnglish and etc.
LicenseCuracaoCuracao, Kahnawake Gaming Commission
Cashout Time1-7 banking days1-5 banking days
Mobile ApplicationiOS and AndroidiOS and Android

Consider the factors that matter most to you: welcome bonuses, payment options, app functionality, or licensing and regulatory assurance. We encourage you to share your experiences and feedback, whether you lean towards the comprehensive offerings of 1xbet or the competitive edges of 22bet. Your insights not only help us but also enrich our community, guiding future users in making informed decisions.

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In concluding our comprehensive comparison of 1xbet and 22bet, it’s clear that both platforms offer exceptional betting experiences tailored to diverse preferences and needs. With their extensive range of sports, competitive odds, and user-friendly interfaces, they stand out as leading choices for Malaysian players exploring the online betting landscape. Whether you prioritize generous bonuses, a wide variety of payment options, or the availability of mobile betting, each platform has its unique advantages. Ultimately, the choice between 1xbet and 22bet boils down to personal preference, with each brand offering distinct benefits that cater to different bettor profiles. We invite you to consider the detailed insights provided, aligning them with your betting preferences, to make an informed decision that enhances your betting journey. Both brands have proven their worth in the competitive sports betting arena, promising a rewarding betting experience regardless of your choice.

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Does 22bet Possess a Valid Operating License?

Yes, 22bet holds a valid operating license from Curacao and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, ensuring it operates within regulatory standards and provides a secure betting environment.

Between 22bet and 1xbet, Where Can You Find the More Generous Welcome Bonus?

1xbet offers a more generous welcome bonus, matching the first deposit up to $130, compared to 22bet’s welcome bonus up to €122 for sports betting, catering to new users with a significant initial boost.

How Reliable is the 22bet Website?

22bet’s website is highly reliable, offering a wide range of betting options, high odds, and secure banking options, backed by licenses from Curacao and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, ensuring a trustworthy online betting experience.

What Factors Contribute to 22bet's Popularity?

22bet’s popularity stems from its comprehensive sportsbook, competitive odds, extensive payment methods including cryptocurrency, and mobile compatibility, appealing to a broad audience by catering to various betting preferences.

What Are the Benefits of Using 1xbet for Betting?

1xbet benefits include financial stability, a wide sports and markets range, high odds, customizable bets, diverse payment methods and currencies, extensive language support, and professional customer service, making it a preferred choice for bettors seeking a comprehensive betting platform.

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